The water level sensor is just one of many integrated safety features in our ultrasonic cleaning machines. Our unique design uses water level sensors to detect low water and keep the solution at the proper level in both tanks.


  • Overall Size: 2.16*1.2*1" (55*30*25mm)
  • Cable Length: 14.6" (37cm)
  • Float Ball Size: 0.39*0.94" (10*24mm)
  • Thread Diameter: 0.453" (11.5mm)
  • Hex Nut Size: 0.748" (19mm)
  • Bottom Clip Diameter: 0.8" (20.5mm)
  • Max Power: 10W
  • Max Switching Voltage: AC/DC 100V
  • Max Switching Current: 0.5A
  • Max Breakdown Voltage: AC/DC 220V
  • Max Loading Current: 1A
  • Max Contact Resistance: 100m Ohm
  • Rated Temperature: -10~85C

Package content: 1Pcs Water Level Sensor


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