Basket and Sample Detergent Included

Ultra 1000 Manual Tabletop Machine

Tank Dimensions: 11.8*5.9*3.9" (300*150*100mm)
Working Depth: 3.9" (100mm)
Machine Dimensions: 12.7*7*8.8" (325*180*225mm)
Volume: 1.1 gal (4.5 L)
Controls: Manual
Power: 120v@3A
Sonic Power: 180 Watts
Frequency: 40 KHz
Heat: 200 Watts
Drain Valve: N/A
Machine Weight: 6.6 lbs (3 kg)


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Lifter Tray Bundle Package

Includes the Ultra 1000M, a quart of our Ultra Solvent and a Lifter Tray.

This bundle can be used for lifters as well as small parts cleaning, jewelry cleaning and a variety of other applications!